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Titration Help .

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    Prepare a standard solution of oxalic acid (approx. 0.05M). Use it to find the conc of the given solution of CaCOH. Use this to standardize the given solution of HCl.

    So basically I am suppose to do this as an inclass lab. I will be given a 250 ml volumetric flask where i will have to mix water and a calculated amount of oxalic acid in solid form in it. How will I do the calculations and how will I approach this lab. I'm so lost. Any help would great, thanks in advance!
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    Any textbook on analytical chemistry covers alkalimetric titration, together with precise recipes and how-tos.
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    keep in mind that oxalic acid is a diprotic acid, so it will take half the amount of oxalic acid (moles) to neutralize all of the base.
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    Thanks for the response guys, I did pretty good on this inclass lab exam today, as far as the calculations went, but the actual titrating and stuff was a little weird as I overfilled my volumetric flask and some other weird stuff. Overall I did alright, but thanks anyway for the help.
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