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Titration need help getting started

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    [SOLVED] titration need help getting started

    A 10.231g sample of window cleaner containing ammonia was diluted with 39.466g of water. Then 4.676g of solution was titrated with 14.22mL of 0.1063 M HCl to reach a bromocresol green endpoint. Find the weight percent of NH3 (FW 17.031) in the cleaner.

    I keep trying to find someway of getting the 4.676g solution to a volume amount so i can find the mmol of the analyte.

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    Do you need to calculate a volume?
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    You may start from here, as this sentence tells you that their millimole amounts are equal. You can find millimoles by multiplying volume by concentration, as [tex]\displaystyle mL\times \frac {mmol}{mL}[/tex] gives [itex]\displaystyle mmol[/itex]. If 4.676 g of that solution is equal to the millimoles of [itex]\displaystyle NH_3[/itex], you can calculate a weight percentage from there.
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