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Titration question

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    A 0.4793g sample of primary standard grade Na2CO3 was treated with 40.00mL of dilute HCl. The solution was boiled to remove CO2 and then excess HCl was back-titrated with 8.70mL of NaOH. In a separate experiment, it was established that 27.43mL of the HCl neutralized the hydroxide in a 25.00mL portion of the NaOH solution. Calculate the molarities of the HCl and the NaOH solutions.

    I need a starting point or steps. I was thinking about finding the number of moles of the standard Na2CO3 present. But other than that, I'm a little overwhelmed with what to do with all the volumes given. Please help on the homework problem!
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    Hello, I see that a lot of people encounter some difficulty in understanding these.

    Please remember that molarity has the dimension of [tex]\frac{mol}{L}[/tex] or [tex]\frac{mmol}{mL}[/tex], while multiplying this with volume gives mol or mmol, respectively.

    You can try writing the reaction formula to see how many mols of reactants are required for a complete reaction, and you can find how many moles of HCl are in excess.

    A last hint: if someone says that there is a primary standard, you can understand that its purity can be considered as 100%.
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