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TLC: Standard

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    What are standards used for in TLC. Are they used so as to compare some unknown substances, and then from that to determine what chemicals/molecules have been separated or are being used?
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    There are none. TLC is an ad hoc system. I only use it to monitor the progress of a reaction or to identify how many components might be in a sample. In the case where I monitor the reaction, the reactants are the standards. The product(s) must be purified individually (usually by flash column) and identified by other techniques.

    Rf is not a specific test....
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    While there are no standards, if you know what compounds to expect in your sample, you can always put them on the side to help identify spots.
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    Although my TA never told us what the standard spot was containing, he did draw two molecules that were of same composition but with one having an added -OH group. So I am assuming that the standard was to be used for comparing spots formed.
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    Was one of those two molecules an alkene and the other an alcohol (cyclohexene and cyclohexanol, for example)?
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    no, the molecules he drew were TEMPO and 4-hydroxy-TEMPO.
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