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TNT vs Thermonuclear

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    Would an exposion created by 50 Mt of TnT look any different than a 50Mt nuclear explosion? Would there be any difference than radiation?
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    Ok I'll try to answer what you mean instead of what you ask... :)

    Radiation is more than the fall out and people loosing their hair, radiation is also "normal" electromagnetic radiation like light and radio waves, which makes all the difference. The flash of light is so intense that it burns dark clothes, as you can still see on pictures in Hiroshima how the patterns of kimonos were burned onto the skin of the person wearing it. A well placed atomic bomb can cause a strong electromagnetic pulse knocking out most electronic appliances. The shock wave that can be achieved with atomic bombs will also be different, because traditional explosives have a certain natural expansion speed, whereas atomic bombs produce that speed simply by becoming really hot.
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