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To All Power Hungary Moderators

  1. Nov 27, 2005 #1
    I'll make this as private as i can...well, as possible...lol. i personally think taht all of these mods that like to close topics simply because they don't like them (yea, you can read the "rules"...it even states this clearly just for you guys who post something they don't like it) are complete imbisils. you're just clogging up the site. oh, and by the way...to Tom (i don't kow the rest of your name, sorry for my unwilling attempt to look it up)...this just so happens to be the "Feedback" forum....just for your information. i needn't have to speak my public FEEDBACK on this site in private, so follow your own site's rules and kiss my butt..okie dokie?

    i am one of the members who used to be here BEFORE this stupid transormatino took place. i can testify that this site was MUCH BETTER when these power hungary moderators did not somehow squirm their way into power on this site. i personally say, Greg, VERY bad decision. when i first came to this site, it was bad enough, then these guys come in here and start pushing everyone around. and i'm not the only one who feels this way. i'm just one of them who will actually stand up to this nonsense. i have been contacted by members who feel exactly the same way as i do. and these people are just in their concerns.

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    You've been told before that this is not an appropriate way of communicating your disagreement with decisions regarding your posts. We have changed the rules at this forum to uphold a higher standard of posts than was permitted in the past, and these rules have been in place for some time now. Overly speculative posts are no longer entertained. If you don't like the change, you are not chained to this site.
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