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To all you males, do you spend time in front of the mirror looking at yourself?

  1. Nov 30, 2012 #1
    So I noticed something that started in high school... people would use the washroom, wash their hands, and just look at their selves in the mirror for a good amount such as 30 seconds. And then later in high school, I noticed that some people would just go to the bathroom to look at themselves. I figured it was a high school thing, and admittedly it's less common now that I'm in first year, but the other day, I saw somebody walk into a washroom, get a comb out of his backpack, and literally comb his hair for a few minutes.

    I find it funny, because I didn't realize males cared about their appearance. I thought it was a woman-only thing, but obviously not. Also, I'm presuming that women do this too, so I'd like to hear if they've seen other women do this.
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    You think someone combing their hair is unusual?
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    Hmm... maybe I'm just a dirty unhygienic male. His hair was fine if that matters... I usually only take 30 seconds max to comb my hair and he was at it for minutes.
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    I look at myself in the mirror for 6-8 hours a day.
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    And you watched the guy comb his hair for minutes in the washroom? Now that's unusual.
  7. Dec 1, 2012 #6
    No, no I don't.
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    Who else would I be looking at?
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    I'm a pretty low maintenance person. I can't remember the last time I combed my hair. In fact, don't own a comb. Sometimes I think I should pay more attention to my appearance. But it just doesn't seem that important.

    I'm friends with some very high maintenance people (who I assume spend a considerable amount of time looking at themselves in mirrors) who I like and respect. I don't spend any time wondering why they're concerned with their appearance. They're well groomed and well dressed. I'm not, but we have common interests that have nothing to do with that.
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    I used to be a so called 'low maintenace' person. I would wear whatever, I wanted, not really care about my messy hair, and just go about my day. After quite a few years in the military, I developed certain habits. I spent years making sure my uniform, and general appearance was up to 'standard' and ensuring the people under me were also up to standard. After I left the military, I noticed that I spend a lot more time laying out my clothes, ensuring gig line is straight, making sure I just have a neat appearance.
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    Nothing unusual about that. If he did not make that observation, he would not come here to write about it.

    I myself spend just as much time required standing before mirror so that I can finish shaving and combing. I do not use mirror while brushing.
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    I don't like looking at myself more than is necessary. I do my hair about twice a year when I need to attend a wedding, or some other such formal occasion. I shave about once a week/fortnight. I walk around the house while I brush my teeth.

    I have kind of a complex about vanity. I've been close to a few people with eating disorders and other problems regarding looks and it makes me sick the lengths that people go to with their personal facades. You can tell a beautiful person by their eyes, and eyes can't be made up. Everything else is just false IMHO.
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    If I look in the mirror, it is either accidental, someone told me I have something in my teeth, or I am going to do something requiring some level of getting gussied.

    I am now going to worry about people looking at me while I am in the bathroom though.
  14. Dec 1, 2012 #13
    I didn't realize there were people who didn't realize this.
    I don't know any male who doesn't care about his appearance.
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    Most restrooms have mirrors, so being in front of a mirror is unavoidable. However, I don't bother to look unless I feel there is some skin irritation.

    At home I tend not to look in any mirror.
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    You have fallen victim to ignorance my friend. Ignorance of the fact that some men care about their appearance FAR more than you or I. To them it is second nature to pop into the bathroom and make sure their hair is correct, or their shirt is on right. On the flip side, there are men out there who would wear a dirty Muumuu and not shower for weeks.
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    I spend just enough time to shave and comb my hair - nothing else. I have nothing to be vain about.
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    @OP: I've definitely noticed this since I've returned to college. Lots of people also seem to stare at themselves intensely in reflective windows. I don't do this myself, as I don't like to look at myself in the mirror... when I was pursuing an athletic career, I developed a bit of an eating disorder from the demands of being as thin as possible. As a result I don't weigh myself or look in the mirror because I could get very stressed about being 135-140 lbs rather than 130lbs at 5ft 10in. But as a whole, I don't much care what I look like (it's unimportant to me)... I just have an unhealthy obsession with my weight due to focus on power to weight ratio.
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    I entered the washroom - he was combing his hair. I waited for people to finish using the urinal - he was stilling combing his hair. I peed in the urinal. I went to wash my hands - he was combing his hair. I left the washroom - he was combing his hair.

    Admittedly, I did say earlier that I saw him walk into the washroom, but I didn't actually see him walk there. I just assumed that in order to get inside the washroom, he would've had to walk in there first.
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    Mirror gazing time is indirectly proportional to age.
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    I don't have a mirror in my purse, sometimes when friends ask for one and they found that I don't have one they looked at me, weirdly...

    Wait, this is for males, bah. I think it depends on one's personality, male or female.
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