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To be a member

  1. Dec 22, 2005 #1
    Do you know how to become a member of Physics Union ? or a member of ACM ? etc. some of the professors in my friends' schools write introduction about themselves "A member of IEEE" in bold. it looks like a Olympic gold medal they show readers. I also want to be a member :frown:
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    Most of the time is just involves paying a yearly fee.

    Have you visited the websites of the specific organizations you wish to join? They definitely have a section devoted to how one can become a member.

    For example -- I'm a student member of the IEEE. I just had to sign up and pay my yearly fees, and I get plenty of cool benefits. Magazines, access to journals and articles, an email address @ieee.org, etc.
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    The problem here is that this person did not bother to indicate where in the world he/she is (either in the post or in the profile). I've never heard of a "Physics Union". APS, yes, but not Physics Union. Different parts of the world have their own professional organizations.

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