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To be a physicist

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    actually i need to know about more pertaining physic course .is it just taking 3 years to graduate in degree ? suppose to 4 years right?!and how about the time taken MASTER courses?then phd...all this i have not much understanding .hope u guys can tell me ..

    and somemore,i can have sponsor when i doing phd program is this true?!!
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    Every country has a different education system, so it's not possible to answer your question definitively.

    Here in the US, you first have to earn a bachelor's degree in physics, which takes 4 years (and often 5 years - or more).

    Then you apply to graduate programs. The time it takes to complete graduate school varies widely, but generally it's about 2 years if you stop at a master's, or 5 to 8 years (please someone correct me if that's wrong) to get a Phd.
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    omg,my bachelor (Hons) degree take oni 3 years??!! i am come from malaysia,would it be accepted to foreign country like UK??cuz i planing to take master program in oversea .
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    3 year degree with an Honours thesis is good enough to get into UK universities.

    Only Imperial and Cambridge want a 4 year degree (I think)

    All the other UK universities only need 3 year
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