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To continue grad school or not?

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    I have recently taken up a bigger interest in programming (mainly C++/C video/PC game programming). I was very impartial to programming until I took this game programming elective. I'm losing interest very fast in graduate school (in my courses, except the graduate game programming class, and my RA position). My RA position is about designing web applications for a company + some web application development research. I THOUGHT I would like to do this but it turns out to be very dull and boring. It feels I rather be creating programs I can understand (PC/video games) instead of abstract business/web applications.

    I really want to get into the game development industry, despite it being extremely volatile and unstable, but it seems to be the thing I rather spend the rest of my time in. I'm not looking for a top paying job. If it's at a place where I don't mind going 5 days a week for 8-10 hours, I could really care less about the pay, as long as it covers the basic bills.

    Should I start looking for entry level jobs in the game industry and just drop this whole graduate school thing? And in this industry that can give me some insight?
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    Develop a portfolio. Have you made any games? Mods? Flash games? Java games? Programmed with opengl or direct X? They can certainly help show you have experience.
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    Why do people quit, when they lose intrest. If your in GRAD school your almost done, stick with it for the remaning years. No point of quiting when your so close
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    Years are pretty long. Is it wise to continue doing something I have some/little interest in for such a time?
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    I think you need to make clear how far you're into grad school. How many semesters have you covered so far?
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    I'm couple weeks into my 2nd semester as a MS in CE. I'm expected to graduate by the end of next summer or next fall.
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