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To dream the impossible dream

  1. Oct 18, 2003 #1

    Some one recently asked me a question.

    He asked me "Why would God gives us the intelligence to search for the meaning of life and yet make it impoossible to find"?

    To me this question was said in a way that suggested sadness and frustration.

    It prompted me to write this little poem


    ** A song that will never be sung,
    **** so melodic so beautiful the heart does sigh
    ** A poem that will never be posed,
    **** so rhythmic so profound
    ** A word that will never be spoken
    **** so full of meaning that it makes you cry
    ** An answer so wanted
    **** but never be found


    ** A feeling that will never be felt
    **** so strong so intense
    ** A love that will never come to you
    **** so sweet so full
    ** A future that is always there
    **** an adventure so immense
    ** A curiosity that is never quenched
    **** A heat that never will cool


    ** There is no better way
    **** as none have shown
    ** How to keep our noses to the wind
    **** and our eyes beyond
    ** There is always something
    **** that can never be done
    ** A game that can only be played
    ************** and never lost or won

    The philosophy behind this is the belief that sentient life in fact ultimately keeps the universe perpetual.

    When the search for the future dies then so to does the universe.

    Also when in frustration we feel the futility of our endless quest it is worth remembering that our search is what ensures the future.

    Any one else have thoughts along these lines?
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  3. Oct 19, 2003 #2
    First, I think it is odd that you up and wrote a little poem, and second, it's a real quandery.
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