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To find velocity through pipe

  1. Mar 17, 2012 #1
    Can someone help me here i need to find the velocity through straight pipe with length 0.11meter and diameter 6mm and air flows through the pipe at a pressure of 3bar. Now i want to find the velocity of air through the outlet in m/s?
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    if I understand your question right

    v_out = [2(p_in - p_out)/airdensitiy + (v_in)^2]^0.5
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    iam using a pressure of 3bar in compressor i dont know what is the velocity at inlet.
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    Velocity at what radius? The air at the center of the pipe will be moving faster than the air at the circumference.
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    sounds like a gasdynamics. 3 bar in a compresser? Mach 1 at outlet.
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