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To Greg B (ect.)

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    I just wanted to say thank you for this phorum. Sorry sorry if I am on the wrong thread for this. Some may think I have ADD, I am pretty sure, I am certain I am simply -D. Thank goodness. One D is plenty.

    A sincere thank you - to you- (FF - this is your brain child right? yes. i believe it is. if not OH WELL) for allowing myself, and others to rant, rave, be brave- exchange shine, be arrogant, be informative, be phunny, and on rare occassion - even the arseholes. Thank you for providing a phorum for these fizz-heads just to be themselves.

    WOW. I have learned so much and am looking forward to learning more about ME. It's all about ME! :surprised

    Thank you,

    ph/xck (no pics of me in the post office, it was simple - brain challenge- the two names NEVER MIND :)

    "nobody on the road, i can seee me shining in the son, never was a dream" almost d.h.

    "driver train take a break driver 8" Rapid Eye Movement
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    Thanks for your kinds words! It's a team effort though between the dedication of the staff and the support of the members. :smile:
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