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Homework Help: To investigate a factor affecting the magnetic field strength of a magnet

  1. Apr 8, 2010 #1
    1. As mentioned in the title,we were asked to investigate a factor that affects the magnetic strength of a solenoid.
    Independant variable is current.I used a solenoid , put it on a stand vertically,above of a magnet placed on a digitall weighing machine.I set the solenoid,a device to measure current,voltmeter in series in a circuit.I started off with one volt,and increased the voltage gradually and noted the readings on the weiging machine.

    Can't figure out the equation.

    3. i found that as the current increases the weight of the magnet increases..so which is it ,in this case which affects the magnetic field strength of the solenoid?i'm a bit confused.i've attached a xls file of the readings i've..PLEASE HELP!

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