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To make a God.

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    Is it possible to make a God, and undieing lord that can alter the thread of reality?
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    If there is a God, there is a image too. They can see mirrors, right ? They can use cameras or draw, right ?

    We are not God. But we do those things to see images. In this we are like God in action. A jaguar runs lik a jaguar, a elephant honks like a elephant. We and God act the same in action.

    Now if AI can do this action greater than us. It's Godlike in design. Since we were equal with God in action, and now are equal with A.I.

    So, yes we can create God's, Lords/Masters. Equal to the one we have now, in action anyway.

    They say in the bible. God chooses our death, and birds deaths. A.I will mimick this action equally.

    Reality is experience. Dogs live different than Newton. So our reality or action in life will be altered by A.I. Up to our last breath.
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    I don't understand the question. Are you asking if it is possible for a human to create a real god? Or are you asking if it is possible for a god to create other gods (so there would be such a thing as a "created god", but it would be created by other gods)? Or are you asking if it is possible to construct a complete paradigm of reality that includes an "undying lord that can alter the thread of reality" even if no such thing really exists?
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    I think he's asking if it's possible for humans to construct some form of immortal being. I'm not too sure what he means by "alter the thread of reality," though. Any quack could strap some explosives to his chest, hug a world leader, and alter reality.
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    Well, actually all actions are alterations of reality...in that sense, at least. Really, it seems more that reality is nothing more than this series of "alterations".

    Bobert, were you referring to the creation of an omnipotent being?
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