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$$$ to measure relationships

  1. Sep 20, 2007 #1
    Money is a very powerful and quantitative tool to measure relationships.

    Here's my logic.

    Your loved one is sick and about to die. The doctor says, there is a medicine which would cost you $5, can save his/her life or extend the life for one more year. I'm sure most of us would buy the medicine.

    What if the medicine cost you the whole wealth or more you made in your lifetime? What would be your decision? What if your loved one is >100 years old?

    There is a $$$ equivalent for everyone's relationship. Fortunately, we all get lucky in our lives by not having to face such tough situations.

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    I asked my girlfriend this and she said i was worth only 20$ :cry: lol.

    But I love this question and there are in infinite amount of answers. People have different values for different things. IE. One mans trash is another mans treasure.
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    Well for me personally I would ask my loved one if she wanted to be saved or not. And pending on her decision that's the one I would make because I truly loved her.
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