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To program with embeded systems do you have to know circuit design?

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    Hello everyone.

    Right now i'm a jr. computer engineer. I have a 3.9 gpa so i do work for my classes but i'm having majors issues with circuit design, Microelectronics, and Signals, transforms, and systems. I also really suck with hands on labs, like building circuits, and analyzing the various wave forms.

    I'm over qualified with courses to switch to Computer Science. Becuase i took higher maths/physics/EE courses. If they offered Software Engineering I would take that up but Penn State Main campus doesn't offer it. A branch campus (behrend) which i attended before did offer it though.

    WHat i'm interested in is digital design and embeded systems programming. I always liked to program in higher level langagues but I got bored with that type of programming in Computer Science. I'm not really interested in alot of abstract math or doing grad school for research which it seems computer science does alot. If i'm wrong on this can someone please correct me?

    My questoin is, do I need knowledge of circuit design (non-linear) and singals sytems and transfroms or is that more what an EE does? To become a CE, u need to take EE210 which i did, but i droped EE310 and EE317 becuase I spent hours and hours on 1 subject and then my other CSE courses got neglected.

    Any help would be great!
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