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To Smart for your own good.

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    This will sound more like a autobiography, I'm Kinda stuck at the moment and am in need of ideas.

    I Grew up around a grandfather who was a career draftsman for a electrical engineering firm. Taught me everything he knew i was learning detailed schematic design by age 10. I would go around to all the houses in the area and take old computers out of there trash to rebuild fix and replace components combine them into 1 working system i did this will i was almost 14. Built a fully working tesla coil,Jacobs latter and Extracted pure hydrogen gas at age 14. In middle school i was teaching my self atomic physics to the point were i could design and explain a fully working atomic Bomb/reactor (Minus the fissionable material of course). I was admitted into a state hospital at age 15 when the school got a hold of a notebook of designs and data i had noted down for nearly a full year. Once out i pretty much failed my way trough high school screwing over classes teachers ...ect they would never teach anything i was interested in at the time only what the state testing said was needed till i was put into a special detention school in the distract (public schools) Were i was given the chance to do my school work completely online for credits and a diploma at my own pace i was able to complete the state requirements for graduation before my junior year and was handed my diploma 2 years early. I studied at a community collage near by and earned a full scholarship to SMU of Dallas Were i was expelled 6 months later. At that point i basically failed at getting any meaningful job were i could use my ability's to my full capability's i have worked subcontracts for company's such as Directv and Viasat but never anything consistent or decent just enough to pay the bills.

    i have no problem visualizing a full fledged fluid dynamic system in my mind i can imagine each cuviture each conjure in the shape of the object and were the fluid will travel with 95% accuracy when tested in a real water Tunnel.
    When i see tape,glue or any other objects i don't just see the object or chemical i see the atomic structure and how they Move,React,Bind, and Structure as one.

    Today i pretty much work at a dead end hourly job in a auto garage as a mechanic i spend my free time learning reading as much as i can studying and tinkering with my home build Fusor and ion thruster plus many other toys.

    I know im destined for better things then this but i dont know how to get my foot in the door of any decent carrier path without a collage degree you cant even submit a resume to most nowadays even when you can do there job better then they can. I cant and wont be able to sit trou a boring collage lecture on what they feel you need to learn. I am still only 21 so i still have a long wile to go but i should be in a better place in life by now...I feel as if the public school system had a part in this as trying to do everything they possibly can to put kids such as my self down and into what they consider the normal...brainwashing...
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    It seems to me that you had an opportunity to get an education at SMU, but whatever it was you did to get expelled caused you to lose that chance.
    I think you might have a higher opinion of your abilities that is warranted by your academic qualifications or job experiences. Without a degree or work experience, no company is going to take the risk of hiring you.
    Obviously, that is going to limit your possibilities.
    Based on what? What have you done to make yourself employable by some sort of technological company?
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    Matx61971, your writing has some noticeable peculiarities. Are you by any chance dyslexic?
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    Hi Matx61971.

    I don't see that there's any kind of advice that we can give you that you would realistically be able to follow. It's obvious that if you could sit through classes and do things the 'normal' way that you wouldn't be here asking for help. I highly recommend seeing a professional about your issues, specifically a psychologist and/or psychiatrist. You may have undiagnosed disorders or disabilities that you need help with. (Based on what you've said, it REALLY seems like you may have ADHD or another similar disorder) I myself only recently found out I have expressive language disorder after I failed a semester of college and went to get tested to see if I had any learning disabilities. I see a psychologist and a speech pathologist weekly, and a psychiatrist every few months to get medication for my ADHD (diagnosed in my mid-twenties). I can assure you that if you have any disorders, seeking help for them is the best possible decision.

    I'm afraid that that's about the only advice we are going to be able to give you, as PF rules do not allows us to give medical advice. Thread locked.
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