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To study Quantum Field Theory

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    Please let me know what lecture I have to previously take.
    I already took undergraduate level lecture of quantum mechanics and mathematical physics.

    And I also want to know that perturbation and scattering theory is hardly important on studying QFT..I'm so worry about that I didn't study hard when my professor dealt with that contents.

    Thanks in advance and please be lenient my English cause I'm not from the English-speaking world so I do not speak English well...
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    For almost all introductory QFT classes it's sufficient to know the basics of quantum mechanics and linear algebra. Don't worry about not knowing any kind of perturbation theory already. Everything you need will be explained in the QFT course.

    If you intend to go very deep into the subject, you will also have to learn about Lebesgue integration, distributions, functional analysis, and representations of Lie groups and Lie algebras.
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    Scattering from non-rel QM is good to know, the formalism and concepts are almost the same.
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