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To the Best Forum on the Internet!

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    To the Admins, Patrons, Users, Guests, Mentors, Homework Helpers, and Advisors of PF. Oh, and Omcheeto too.

    Just over three years and 10,000 posts ago, I found a little site on the internet about something called science. Being almost completely ignorant of science and the forum I of course immediately made a fool of myself. And that's okay! For science is about learning! And three years later I can say that I've learned more about not only science, but about life in general thanks to you wonderful people.

    So thank you. And here's to another three years on Physics Forums!

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    Yeah, but the crackpots hate us !
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    I checked your warning/infraction history, and it's pretty clean. Well, except for the time that I accidentally banned you as a Crackpot Troll. Sorry again about that -- my bangun aim was not very good that day! :smile:
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    It's cool, I didn't need that particular kidney anyways.
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    The members here are wonderful and brilliant.
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