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To Transfer or Not To Transfer?

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    This upcoming Fall semester I will be able to take Calc I and Physics I. I am currently attending Bronx CC and my transfer school would be City College. I am interested in engineering (specific branch still under consideration, leaning mechanical/electrical).

    Bronx CC is offering a Calculus I class that is linked to the Physics I class while it seems a similar option is not available at City. I would like to transfer to City ASAP since it is a 4yr school and the classes might be more rigorous yet at the same time Bronx CC's class offer is appealing.

    What kind of advice would you offer?

    Here are a few helpful links, feel free to request additional info.

    Engineering Science Major @ Bronx CC: http://www.bcc.cuny.edu/DegreePrograms/DegreePrograms.cfm?DegreeID=16 [Broken]

    City College Engineering Programs: http://www1.ccny.cuny.edu/prospective/academics/upload/Electrical.pdf [Broken]
    http://www1.ccny.cuny.edu/prospective/academics/upload/Mechanical.pdf [Broken]
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    Talk to (or email) an advisor at the school you want to transfer to. They will be able to advise you better than anybody on here. If they blow you off, call/email another advisor in the department until they get back to you.
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    Why not just do dual enrollment? The CUNY system is flexible, and by flexible I mean extremely flexible. Once you're in City College you should be able to get automatic permission to take classes at any CC in the CUNY system as well.
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    I will be transferring. I discovered a sequence of 12 credits from Bronx CC only transfer to 8 credits at City. I would have to transfer at some point, anyways; might as well transfer now. Additionally, the engineering programs at City recommend the student completes Calc I first before attempting the Physics courses; that path is probably better for me given my current and future situation. Thanks kylem and Leptos for your input.
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