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Today (April 18, 2005) 50th anniversary of Einstein's death

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    Most people have no idea how Einstein changed their everyday lives in ways they can't even imagine.

    What's sad, however, is this: on the front page of the Montreal Gazette today is a huge picture of the cardinals with news about the pope election; meanwhile, the anniversary of Einstein's death is on the second page, way down at the bottom, in a little square, barely mentioned.
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    Isn't "anniversary" equal to "Fest"(Ger.),as in a joyful celebration???Should we COMMEMORATE Einstein's death,or celebrate it...?:rolleyes:

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    My dictionary gives two definitions of anniversary, both a purely chronological one and the celebration one. I meant the former.
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    I think its traditional to celebrate a birthday of a man, and ''remember a man for who they were'' on their death date.

    Einstine was a great man (whom I wish to speak to if I can just figure out v > c travel roflmfao) when it came to physics.
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    wouldnt we all
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    "Anniversary" is purely chronological.
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    Anniversary is not.It has double sense,as any dictionary would show.

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    I concede; however, I don't find "celebration" inherently implied by "anniversary". Just as we can celebrate an anniversary, so can we commemorate it.
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    Well, it is a newspaper, not an oldspaper!
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    What does this mean? I do think they should have gave Einstine a larger article and maybe a short bio. I wounder where he is now :rolleyes:
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