Today is delightful day

  1. Today, I went to Mei Fu. I went to a Mcdonald for eating breakfast, it is because I am skinny, I always want to get strong, I weighed me is 48 kg, I am not glad, it is because many beautiful girls heavier than me... When I used 19.5 HKDs buying a breakfast, soon a girl went in M, she was in front of me, she wore a low chest cloth, she was very sexy!!!!!, I estimated she is a student, but her age is not suitable to me. She is some beautiful. Her low chest cloth attracted me to look her. If I get an amie that is open and sexy to me actively, that is great!!!

    But meanwhile I am very careful to view situation around me, I found a younger also looked at that sexy girl stealthily, and I found a man looking suspectly. I am very careful to those bad people always, tricking me, is not easy!

    This deep image in my mind is very sweet, when every time on my bed, I will imagine my perfect amie... She will appear soon, when the good news comes, the good luck from the heaven will be given to me!!!!! Then what I do I will succeed, including get an amie and ........

    Hahahahahaha, I want an amie a far time, almost several years, I hope my dream will be true as soon as possible.
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  3. poor guy i hope you get ..err umm find ummm exactly what you need. :blushing:
    I hope you know you half to work at finding the right person, she will not fall from the sky onto your lap.
  4. Thank for your wish for me. Me and my amie will be a matchless match... hahaha, the God said.
  5. cool. :wink:

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    Hey if you really want to gain weight you should try one of the most famous American diets instead. Dont eat at McDonalds - study shows people actually lose weight there. I think its not the weight they lose but the overall volume of the body, seeing as they finally collapse on their own mass, like a neutron star
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    You dirty young old man :rofl: buy some rose coloured glasses, then every
    girl will be your amie, but watch out for walking stick, they can really hurt :rofl: :rofl:
  8. Thank you for your good suggestion!
  9. Hey, I only will watch friendly girl, if I see sexy awful girl, I will not look at her.
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