Today is delightful day

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    Today, I went to Mei Fu. I went to a Mcdonald for eating breakfast, it is because I am skinny, I always want to get strong, I weighed me is 48 kg, I am not glad, it is because many beautiful girls heavier than me... When I used 19.5 HKDs buying a breakfast, soon a girl went in M, she was in front of me, she wore a low chest cloth, she was very sexy!!!!!, I estimated she is a student, but her age is not suitable to me. She is some beautiful. Her low chest cloth attracted me to look her. If I get an amie that is open and sexy to me actively, that is great!!!

    But meanwhile I am very careful to view situation around me, I found a younger also looked at that sexy girl stealthily, and I found a man looking suspectly. I am very careful to those bad people always, tricking me, is not easy!

    This deep image in my mind is very sweet, when every time on my bed, I will imagine my perfect amie... She will appear soon, when the good news comes, the good luck from the heaven will be given to me!!!!! Then what I do I will succeed, including get an amie and ........

    Hahahahahaha, I want an amie a far time, almost several years, I hope my dream will be true as soon as possible.
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    poor guy i hope you get ..err umm find ummm exactly what you need. :blushing:
    I hope you know you half to work at finding the right person, she will not fall from the sky onto your lap.
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    Thank for your wish for me. Me and my amie will be a matchless match... hahaha, the God said.
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    cool. :wink:

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    Hey if you really want to gain weight you should try one of the most famous American diets instead. Dont eat at McDonalds - study shows people actually lose weight there. I think its not the weight they lose but the overall volume of the body, seeing as they finally collapse on their own mass, like a neutron star
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    You dirty young old man :rofl: buy some rose coloured glasses, then every
    girl will be your amie, but watch out for walking stick, they can really hurt :rofl: :rofl:
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    Thank you for your good suggestion!
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    Hey, I only will watch friendly girl, if I see sexy awful girl, I will not look at her.
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