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Today's Adventure In The Zoobie Brush Mobile

  1. Jun 20, 2005 #1
    I backed into the rear wheel well of a parked car in a cramped parking lane. I left a note, and waited a while for the owner, but they didn't show.

    The dent was small, and the car already had a few. I'm hoping the owner will look at my note and the dent, say "So what?," and toss the note.


    Post your backing-into-parked-cars stories below.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Whose name and phone number did you leave on the note?
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    Wow, that was very decent of you, I've never had anyone that damaged my car in a parking lot leave a note. :mad:
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    I went back in the office building, picked a name at random from the list of suites on the wall, looked their number up in the book at the payphone, and wrote that on the note.
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    Actually, under different circumstances, I might have just taken off and hoped they didn't notice the new dent among the old ones.

    However, there were at least two separate witnesses: people waiting in their cars for someone in the building. There was no way I could have gotten out of there fast enough to prevent them from getting my plate #, it was so cramped. It was diagonal parking on both sides of a narrow lot. There's no way for anyone to get out except by backing the whole way down the lot and onto the street.

    It was definitely a case of obeying the law because I was being watched by people with nothing better to do than stare at the most exiting thing in the parking lot. (I did leave my real name and number, though.)

    I just hope the person figures that the time they would be separated from their car while it's in the shop being fixed isn't worth it for such a small dent on a car with worse ones.
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    Hopefully they don't see this as their opportunity to get all their dents fixed at your expense!

    Yeah, hit and run with witnesses isn't a good idea. In the parking deck for work, I saw a woman back out of her parking space and slam into the truck parked kitty-corner behind her...and I mean SLAM...the truck rocked pretty far forward from the impact (she must have just stomped down on the gas when she backed out or hit the gas instead of the brake or something to hit it that hard). I was just sitting there waiting for her to finish pulling out and she didn't even get out to check the damage let alone leave a note, so I got her plate number (since I had a perfect view) and left her plate number, a description of her vehicle, and my office phone number with a note saying I'd be willing to appear as a witness (this was no tiny tap or some barely noticeable scratch). Turned out the truck that was hit belonged to one of the nurses in the hospital, and she was so grateful someone got the plate number when she saw the damage. I have to admit, I hesitated for a moment before deciding to get involved, but to just slam into another vehicle in an employee parking lot with witnesses present and not stop to leave a note was just a bit too ballsy not to do something about it. She must have admitted to it, because after I was initially contacted to verify that I was the witness, I never heard from them again.
  8. Jun 20, 2005 #7
    My problem was That I was being careful not to touch either of the cars between which I was sardined. I didn't also keep tabs on my distance from the car directly behind me on the other side of the lane. But I was only going about .01 mile an hour, so the dent was fortunately small.
  9. Jun 20, 2005 #8


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    can a brush mobile dent a car noticably bad?
  10. Jun 20, 2005 #9
    Well, the chasis is actually logs, and the body panels are woven brush. It is much like the Flintstonemobile in essence: the "engine" is my two big zoobie feet sticking out the bottom, pushing along the road.
  11. Jun 20, 2005 #10
    I've bumped a bumber a couple times before. Never left any damage that I could tell. I have found decently sized dents in my car though after having left it parked in an area where there were people about who did not like seeing my car.
  12. Jun 21, 2005 #11


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    I had my first bump when I was 15. I was driving my dad's car around my uncle's farm, and thought that reversing round a corner couldn't be that hard. It was going perfectly until I grazed the bumper along a dry stone wall, demolishing the wall in the process. I went inside straight away to own up to my dad, for grazing his car, and my uncle, for demolishing his wall. They both thought I was joking.

    Then, I learnt to drive and I've been good ever since, pretty much.
  13. Jun 21, 2005 #12
    OOOOOK.... here come my awful driving record... if you were ever planning on driving around town with me, allow me to change your mind...

    so, i was i worked at this hotel. I was leaving work one day after i had like, JUST got my liscense, and i accidently backed into the car behind me. i pulled forward, and then backed up again to see the damage... and i didn't even see paint on the bumper, so i drove off... unfortunately, some stupid women at work who hated me saw me do it and they reported me. i got fired befcause of it, but i talked to the guy afterwards and he said it was no big deal... i was so mad, i only just tapped his bumper...

    that time wasn't bad though...

    then last halloween, i had a friend come over to go trick or treating. he parked right in my blindspot, on the side of my car that no one ever parks on, because there isn't much room, (hence why he was in my blind spot, because there wasn't room for him to pull right up.) he also had a big huge truck because like i've mentioned, my ex and his friends are into off roading, so it was this big boonin' rig. so, i go to pull out of my driveway, and i turn right into his tire! its like CRUNCH! and my corner panel gets this real nice big dent... his tire however was fine... and i didn't hit anything else on his car because its so big, and my car is small... ya... but i had a huge dent...

    teh fortunate thing was that the dent was on the side of the car that no one ever parks on. my parents didn't see the big dent for over a year!

    then, like two days ago, i went to six flags with a friend, and i was goofing around in the parking lot. and i did this tight turn around in the parking spaces, and i saw i was really close to a pole... but it was on my already dented side...so i decided to go for it.. and yep... THUD! i hit the side of the yellow post. i only left a yellow smear on my bumper, not too bad. probably helped that it was already dented in, so it didn't have as much sticking out...

    and i guess people see my car and think its cool to hit it... someone hard core keyed my car when i was parked one day. and some white car wicked sideswiped me. i have a big streak going down the side of my car. i even had a boyfriend who once hit me when i was parked, and he was like, "heh.. whatever." and i was so mad. i dumped him pretty soon after that.

    i honestly really love my car. i'm just not a very gentle lover i guess.
  14. Jun 21, 2005 #13


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    :surprised :surprised
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