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Today's physics google logo

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    Google's image today is a well known physics subject

    post here before it disappears....

    Erwin Schrödinger's 126th birthday



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    looks great, I don't see it though :(
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    I think it's because davenn posts from *tomorrow*!!1 How crazy is that.

    But if I don't see it tomorrow, I'll say davenn posts from an alternate dimension.
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    My mom used to say, many yrs ago, ... "Dave's a way off in a world of his own" :smile:
  6. Aug 12, 2013 #5
    I really liked the design on this one :D
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    Hi nick

    they do come up with some cool designs celebrating all sorts of discoveries, birthdays etc
    have saved a few of them to hard drive over recent years :smile:

  8. Aug 12, 2013 #7
    ahh never fort about saving them :P

    I always loved the interactive ones like pacman, or the Olympic games, which got me through some tough English lessons back in the day :P
  9. Aug 12, 2013 #8
    I was so happy when I saw this. I the fact that the cat w.f. is properly normalized cracked me up.
  10. Aug 12, 2013 #9
    Very cool! I also like this one from earlier this summer:

    good 'ol x-ray googles 8)
  11. Aug 12, 2013 #10


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    I saw the cat one yesterday, love it.
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