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    How should I choose one of them? Is it like universities in some countries accept one and universities in other countries accept the other?
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    According to one site I found
    "If you require a Tier 4 visa for study in the UK, it is recommended that you take IELTS or Pearson’s Test as TOEFL is no longer recognised by the UK Home Office as a Secure English Language Test." http://www.i-studentglobal.com/learning-english/ielts-vs-toefl-which-is-better?showall=&limitstart=

    Try googling TOEFL vs IELTS which gave me many results. The answer to your question depends on what you expect from the test and in which country do you want to study.
    Another option might be Oxford's Advanced CAE or even Professional CPE
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    I searched a bit and it looks like TOEFL is more suitable for me because its based on American English and also is a computer test. But does it mean that by choosing TOEFL I'm losing the chance to apply to some universities?(EDIT:well, aside from the ones in UK!)

    And about those two other tests you mentioned, they are British. Are they based on British English? Are they as well-known as IELTS and TOEFL around the world?

    And in general, do universities around the world really care that much about which English test the student has passed?
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    If you would want to apply for a school abroad, you'd better pick one country only. Because
    1. Taking both exams also costs you some money.
    2. Focusing on one school and trying for it makes you look more decisive or determined.
    3. You can leave the US and fly to UK for higher education if you want later.
    Choose a US school. You can view many online lectures from both countries and compare. I don't mean the UK professors are worse, only much less informative and they don't seem to employ better teaching methodology in their lectures or training experiments.
    The US economy is also much better developed. They also have a tremendously growing system of communication or media. I take it as always that you have a voice and power only if you have $$$ and good methods to maintain, communicate as well as to control them.
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    Each university sets its own policy on what tests it will accept.
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    So it seems I should first choose the universities I want to apply to, and then choose which test I should take.

    For me its not UK or US. I want to consider other European countries too. If I can find English programs in non-English speaking countries, then I won't hesitate to apply.
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    What I would do in the first place is choose the uni where you want to go and search their website for info about this. If you can't find it don't be afraid to contact their student services or English department.
    The two Oxford texts I mentioned are accepted in my area (central Europe). I guess that Oxford is one of the golden standards in British English.
    However, if you want to go to the USA, TOEFL might be more suitable.
    Anyway, the first step is to get info from your preferred school.
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    Contact them and attach the photo of your ID if you can. Then use the English form of your name they suggest. I would save and print whole mail conversation and bring it to the test in case that the examiner has any issues.

    If you want to go to Europe than IELTS is probably a better option. But check the info on school website first anyway to be sure.
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