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Tokamak Design Considerations

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    I wish to know how to design a Tokamak of my own.

    This Tokamak will of course be very tiny but my intention is to ignite ordinary air and control the plasma's poloidal diameter by poloidal coils placed along the torous.

    I wish to do two things with my Tokamak:

    1) Ignite ordinary air of suitable pressure (which seem to give a pinkish glow)
    2) Be able to adjust the poloidal diameter of the plasma by adjusting toroidal magnetic flux density

    I have no clue neither of what (low) pressure is needed nor how to reach it. But I seem to have learned that it needs to be very low.

    My thought is to use a toroidal gas disharge tube which is available as spare parts for certain lamps with magnifying lenses built into them.

    Drilling two holes into the tube may enable two electrodes to be inserted to ignite the air.

    While the electric field intensity probably is the reason for ignition the electrodes should be placed close to each other.

    This tube may or may not be avacuated of the luminant couting inside by ordinary acid(?)

    When that is done, a nipple may be placed into the hole and thus sealing it.

    Putting the nipple to a sucking machine, air pressure may be decreased considerably.

    Putting some 10 poloidal coils around the torous and connecting them in series would then give me the possibillity to control the poloidal diameter of the plasma once it has ignited.

    Would be quite fun to ignite the plasma, regulate its brightness by the electrical current and the poloidal diameter by the magnetic flux.

    Is something like this feasable?

    Best regards, Roger
    I love MS Paint but this program is hopeless when it comes to 3D...
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    No. It is far off from any realistic way to get a plasma volume.

    You clearly do not have the knowledge to do this, or even to do it in a safe way (high voltage, high temperatures, plasma, ...). We won't help you to hurt yourself.
    Devices for spark gaps are available as commercial products, you can have a look at them.
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