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Tokamak Question

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    What is the smallest size for a tokamak reactor? I was wondering if it was possible to create it in a garage or basement like a fusor.
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    im no physicist, but wouldn't you be able to make a tokamak reactor of any size as long as the containment chamber contains enough hydrogen atoms to fuse together? of course the containment chamber size would need to be proportional to the amount of energy you desire to output. the magnetic fields to achieve fusion would be extreme regardless of size, you would need a serious power source to make even a nominal amount of energy. watch out for the radiation mind you. if magnetic confinement is the only method of compression to reach the required kinetic energy level, that is a serious component of your project. the excitement of the atoms to my knowledge usually incorporates radio waves, and other forms of EMR.
    in my mind, making a home-made tokamak reactor is not practical. I applaud your efforts to explore this technology; but it is not yet practical at this level.
    there are many many problems with this technology as it exists today, you can only get a burst of fusion because there is no current piratical method to feed your reactor with fuel. it will burn itself out. the problems with creating a stable plasma are not very encouraging either.
    Google fusion reactors and the concepts behind them as well as the energy requirements; it will give you an idea of what you are trying to do.
    -way to be ambitious!

    check out the threads
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