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Tolerance tables homework

  1. Aug 16, 2006 #1
    Determine, by using the attached tolerance tables,the deviations for 145H8/d9 .

    for only 145H8 ,i know what i mean but 145H8/d9 what does it mean??

    pls help
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    I don't have the formal definition with me, but for quick reference here we go:

    Capital letter refers to sockets or holes, while small letter refers to shafts. Remember this form: Socket/Shaft
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    ok....but then for 145H8/d9 , do u mean the nominal=145 is the same for H8 and d9??

    bacause normally i know how to solve 145H8 but for 145H8/d9 which there appears a /d9, what should i do with it??
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    This is because

    "Inner diameter of the socket (tube) = 145 unit = outer diameter of the shaft."

    Hence, there is no point repeating 145 twice.

    By the way, why are you posting machine design problem here in Advanced Physics forum?:smile:
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    because i post on the other forum,and got little replies,so i try it out here
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