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News Tom Delay's parting shot

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    So, Tom DeLay is proud of the K-Street system/project/whatever? In other words, he's proud of the fact that with his heavy handed guidance that pay-to-play corruption is the bread and butter of American politics? Yes, yes...it's always been there, but to make it a matter of Congressional record that HE'S ACTUALLY PROUD OF IT and that he helped nurture it? Isn't that the same as saying he's proud to have defrauded the American people out of fair and unbiased representation?
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    We never paid him nearly as much as they did.
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    I just finished up watching an old Bill Moyers special on the Iran/Contra scandal. Oliver North showed no remorse whatsoever for what he did, convinced to the end that it was right, despite the fact that it was completely unconstitutional, illegal, and against the Marine Corps code. It's not like he's been shunned, either. He's become a succesful author and hosts his own show on Fox News. My guess is DeLay prospers just as much.
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    That seems to be the rightwing MO. "Let no misdeed go unrewarded."
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