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Tomorrow, BIG, BIG TEST @___@

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    Arrrgggghhh, tomorrow, I'll be sitting in an exam room, and doing my last high-school exams. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    There will be 6 subjects in 3 days (i.e, 2 subjects per day): Literature :grumpy:, Physics, Chemistry, History :frown:, Maths, and finally, English.

    Feeling ssssoooooo nervous now. :cry: :cry:

    I cannot really stuff all things in my head, especially, History, and Literature. They are wwwwwaaaaaayyyyyyyy ttttttooooo hhhhaaaaaarrrrddddd for me... :yuck: :yuck:

    Wish me luck, guys. I dunno if I can sneak up online in the next 3 days. But, well... I am scared now. :frown:
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    Hey man, if you have such a big test and it is all so hard for you, what the hell are you doing here ? GO STUDY DAMMIT.

    :grumpy: Some people just don't get it, do they ?

    Anyways, GOOD LUCK !!!

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    Don't be scared-- I'm sure you'll be fine. That sounds like a terrible schedule though, having 6 exams in 3 days. Saying that, I think I had something like that in the last year of school. The best thing to do is just to focus on one at a time, and don't get too worried! Good luck!

    (I had my last exam ever this morning, so am very happy about that! I won't gloat about it here though :wink:)
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    Ouch vietdao, that sounds stressful. I wish you the best of luck! I agree with marlon, get off of PF and study!!! :smile:

    I have two diploma exams (HS physics and chem) 3 days apart and the first one starts on the 19th. I finished them both early so I have 20 days to study for them. :tongue:
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    Best of Luck VietDao, I think you'll do great.

    What about your quals, if you're doing a phd?
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    Yeah, I've just finished the first day of exam. Not so bad. o:) Pfff. :biggrin: Two more days to go.

    Better get off PF, and stuff some history thingy in my head. >___<

    Thanks everyone. :)
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    I'm sure the physics and math parts will be a breeze :wink:
    Although it's a tight schedule, look at the bright side, it'll be over before you know it. Unlike my sister who just finished a whole month with exams every other day, that included her final board exams and her qualifying exams to professional colleges.
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    There's no such thing here.. it's mainly all oral exams and reports. There may be a couple of exams I have to do on some graduate courses, but I'm not sure about that yet. I hope not though!!
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