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Tomorrow is 6/6/06

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    Tomorrow is 6/6/06....666...:surprised

    and we all know it'll be an awful day anyway if the world doen't end because the remake of The Omen comes out tomorrrow....

    BTW I made this thread because I couldn't find Mk's thread about this made a year ago...
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    be quiet, go find me Mk's thread so I won't have to trash this one
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    It's The End Of The World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tomorrow is 06-06-2006, you're... only 2000 years late. They had real 666, and we only lausy 6-6-2006. Don't forget that the day after tomorrow is 06-07-2006 :OOOO
    Omen fortells bad luck for everyone below 15.
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    They just made a terror bust in Toronto.

    I wonder if they planned it for 6/6/6.
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    Probally since there evil terroist.
    I wonder what would happen if someone was born tommorw...
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    I have a feeling we just might find out
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    My grandmother's birthday is tomorrow :smile:
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    Ok if the world does end we can only do one thing...
    w3 h4v 70 74|k 1n 1337 50 7h3 n00b's 73rr0157 7h1nk w3r3 n00b pwn'5 wh0 w1|| 83 pwn'd!! w007 1337 r0x!!!111
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    We have to stop your grandmother form taking over the world!
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    that was sad
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    ...what are you talking about?
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    On the Tonight Show monologue, Jay Leno mentioned a website was taking bets on whether the world would end tomorrow. As he pointed out...if it does, how do you collect on your bet? :rofl:
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    That's why I betted that world would not end.
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    I can't believe some nobjockey's had the nerve to produce a remake of the truly excellent Omen :mad:
  19. Jun 6, 2006 #18
    Is the world already over? :uhh:
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    The pope declared an antichrist every other century although the first was Nero, Attilla the hun was next, Ghengis Kahn, Rolf Harris.

    666 is the Jewish holy number attributable to God, so if the first/ second /third coming (delete as applicable) turns up he'll have been pipped to the post by the Jews anointed one who'll in actual fact be the antichrist according to the New Testament.

    Or in fact you could take the whole of Revelations, a book that was controversial to say the least even amongst the orthodox and ignore it, I mean have you read it! That guy was either A) taking too much ergot or mushroom powderB) Schizoprhrenic, or a little from column A and a little from column B.

    Ok John so the Devil's coming in the form of a seven headed dragon but first we have to open seven seals across the globe with seven keys. OK when you saw this vision you weren't on the sauce were you?:smile:
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    W is a highly irrational creature, despite my efforts to educate her. You should have seen how freaked she was when she got her paycheque yesterday. Not only was it dated for today, but the amount was $666.80. :rofl:
    She told her boss that if it ever happens again, he's to make it out for a dollar extra and she'll pay it back.
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