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Tong Zuo de Ni (You, the one whom sat next to me)

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    "Tong Zuo de Ni" (You, the one whom sat next to me)

    http://www.hinst.net/~tom/tzdn.jpg [Broken]

    This is a very very very popular song written by a guy who accidentally found a picture of a girl he use to sat next to in college (in china we use to stay in same room for different classes, assigned seats usually. teachers come to classes, not you).


    Tomorrow will you remember the diary you wrote yesterday,
    Tomorrow will you daydream the you whom like to cry
    Teachers already have forgotten the "don't know answer" you.
    I was just looking through pictures, then I found you who sat next to me.

    Whom married the expressionful you
    Whom saw your diary?
    Whom made your hair, Whom made your wedding dress?
    You use to be very careful, asking me for a piece of eraser,
    Once you said you like being with me,
    Those days were always blue, time passed so slow,
    You always say graduation is far-away, then (blink of eye) (you) were gone,

    Whom met the generous you,
    Whom comforted you (when you cried)?
    Whom made your hair, Whom made your wedding dress?
    Whom saw my letter to you, whom let it blow in the air(away)?
    Those days have being passed away, I soon will have my wife,
    I will also share this picture, tell her about you(whom sat next to me).

    Whom married the generous you,
    Whom comforted you(when you cried)?

    ~La La La La La La La La
    ~La La La La La La La La
    ~La La La La La La La La
    ~La La La La La La La La
    ~La La La La La La La La

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    Prudens, nice music but what is the name of the singer?

    Also, I take it that you're from China? I'm from Brunei where the teachers used to come to my class when I attended a Chinese Primary School. I'm now in a Government High School where I am not enjoying having to walk from classroom to classroom with a back-breaking load of books in my rugsack.
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    Brunei? Where's that? And the singer is Lao Lang.
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