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News Tony Blair - It's time to go!

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    Well, Blair had been talking about stepping down, or at least mentioned it to cabinet and party members, but now seems to be waffling or perhaps he getting cold feet.

    From London, Stephen Beard from the Economist reports that British Prime Minister Tony Blair is in trouble. His approval ratings have plummeted for many reasons, including one that first got him elected nine years ago.

    Blair changes his tune . . . too late?
    by STEPHEN BEARD (from the Economist)

    http://marketplace.publicradio.org/shows/2006/05/15/PM200605154.html [Broken]

    Maybe GW should consider likewise. :rolleyes: :biggrin:
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    He had a reshuffle, getting all his mates (not Gordon's) in key positions and says he won't go until July 2007.

    I'd vote the Tories back in just to wake Labour up - and get them to step back over to the left...

    ...but Tories until the next election :surprised :frown:

    Still, they'll never get back in :smile:

    At least, I think, Gordon doesn't have the same attitude to loving religion as Blair - tho'they say his ideas are the same or even more conservative than Blair's
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    Has anyone seen interviews with Madeline Albright about her new book, "The Might and the Almighty?" The book is not only about the political influence of religion in Arab nations, but even more about the religious-right in the U.S:


    It's not just Bush, but also Blair and Harper in Canada. The pendulum has been swinging too far to the right with Christianity inappropriately mixed in. I'm grateful none of these leaders are able to retain mass support from their citizenry. Otherwise this kind of fervor would surely lead us into WWIII.
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    SOS, thanks for that reminder! I listened to a local interview with Albright, and I was impressed. That's a must read book.

    Here's a different interview -
    Albright Examines Link Between Politics, Religion

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    In Blair's monthly press conference last week he made it pretty clear without coming straight out and saying so that he and Brown have already agreed a timetable for an orderly transition. He said he wouldn't give a date publically as it would effectively end any chance he has of pushing through his current batch of legislation. An argument which makes sense.

    It is unlikely he will be forced out earlier as there are only around 50 or so members of the parliamentary labour party who are passionate about geting rid of him now and these are the same 50 who were passionate about never wanting him as leader in the first place.

    The feeling amongst the Brown camp is that it is better to keep Blair in place for now and let him try and fix some of the unpopular issues before the handover so they don't become tainted by them. Anything that is still a mess they can blame on him and so start off with a clean plate with the electorate.

    It's a pity his premiership is petering out this way as Blair has done a lot for his country including ending the strife in N. Ire, presided over a very strong economy and provided greatly improved public services whilst all he will be remembered for is his folly in throwing in his lot with Bush and believe me in the UK this is seen as a major folly!! It's not even so much about the rights and wrongs of the Iraq war as british pride. The british public does not like to see it's leaders playing lapdog to anyone which is how Blair is universally perceived.

    Articles like this in today's Telegraph don't help his image;

    and although the original action dates back to 1966 it has been perpetuated as recently as 2000 under Blair bowing to pressure from America
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    Since Bush became president, anti-Americanism has increased all around the world, and I agree Blair has been caught in the fall out.
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