News Tony Blair's son Euan interns with Republican staff

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LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Tony Blair's eldest son Euan will work as an intern with Republican staff in the U.S. House of Representatives, the prime minister's office said on Sunday.

Euan, 21, will spend three months working with a committee which determines how U.S. legislation is considered in the lower chamber of Congress.

"Euan Blair has been given the opportunity to take up a short, unpaid internship with the Rules Committee of the House of Representatives," said a spokesman at the prime minister's Downing Street office.

Despite Blair's close relationship with President Bush, the news raised eyebrows among some Democrats who see Blair's Labour party as natural allies, reported the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

"It is extremely surprising that the son of a Labour prime minister would intern with the Republican majority staff on the committee," the paper quoted Eric Burns, communications director for Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, the committee's leading Democrat, as saying.

The newspaper said Euan would be mentored by David Dreier, a Californian representative to the Republican leadership in the House, during his internship.

The Downing Street spokesman said Euan was also hoping for an internship with the Democrats.

The news comes a few weeks after Blair's wife Cherie came under fire for giving a well-paid speech in Washington at the same time as the Prime Minister visited the White House.

Interesting times we live in. :biggrin:


Astronuc said:

Interesting times we live in. :biggrin:
Personally I think it is good to see T. Blair's son paying an interest in the political system.

Beats being arrested for being drunk and disorderly which was the last time he made the news :biggrin:
(couldn't resist adding that last bit)
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Art said:
Beats being arrested for being drunk and disorderly which was the last time he made the news :biggrin:
(couldn't resist adding that last bit)
Give the kid a break!

As someone of the same school year as him, I think it's disgusting that the poor lad got picked on so heavily by the media for that incident. Ok, so his dad's someone who should know better, but he's not under the media spotlight by his own doing, - he was born into it. Let the kid live his life, for Pete's sake. You don't see the press jumping on me when I'm drunk and disorderly, the only difference is that our dads have different jobs.

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