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Tony Dungy's son commits suicide!

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    Tony Dungy committed suicide recently which brings up the question of why? A recent interview mentions some interesting things, in my opinion.

    Tony mentions how his son was really into friends for who they were. Let's combine this with some facts about Tony Dungy; Tony's a nfl football coach and a successfull one at that; he's universally loved nice and married man, and Dungy's son has a girlfriend. So, what's going on?

    I think I have a hunch! O.k, maybe I even have some experience; i'll even give you my experiences with suicide; when I was pretty young(tenish), i put a knife to my head; the details are interesting; i found it remarkable how much emotions swelled up; it was almost like the brain/body has mechanisms to stop you from doing it; basically, you've got to be really messed up to pull the trigger(although, I suppose with a gun, it could be easier; i don't know, I'd have to put a muzzle in my mouth in my worst moments; i've had about three I can remember split at least five years apart or more). I think I can say that I may know why James Dungy killed himself.

    James Dungy killed himself because of the state of the world; he saw how messed up his friends really were; he saw the world cannot survive fundamentally, and he saw no power to make it all work in his lifetime. His girlfriend? Whatever the details, she's certainly not perfect.

    His father? Tony is now telling everybody how 'faith' is helping him past all this; i can almost guarantee you James Dungy did not believe or accept mere faith.

    I should probably check out notes left by suicides to see what they say, but this is my current thoughts - that James Dungy's death is a reflection of our pathetic mongering society.
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    First of all, you have a very unfortunate typo at the start of your post - you say, "Tony Dungy committed suicide recently..." Anyways, you have some untested hypothesis.

    I should probably check out notes left by suicides to see what they say...

    I think you should definitely do that, in fact you should have done that before posting here.
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    This is so inappropriate that i don't even know what to say to you other then don't pretend to think you have a clue about other people's lives simply because you had a knife when you were 3 feet tall.
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    this is a social science topic and belongs there; as for the rest of you out of wack attitudinals . . . well, back to ya!
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    Who the hell cares? Get a life. Don't you have anything better to do than hypothesize about an unfortunate event where someone’s loved one committed suicide? Find something better to do with your time man, seriously. No one wants to read this.
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    We don't know why someone decides to take their life. On Wednesday a wonderful, sweet, intelligent boy my daughter goes to school with blew his head off in an empty field with a rifle. Her best friend had dropped him off at home from school just hours earlier. He was happy and in a great mood after school that day, he was doing great at school, was well liked, had no apparent problems. It was ruled a suicide.
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