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Too complex to figure out

  1. Jul 6, 2004 #1
    I have one big headache that is connected to math. So the problem is about internet speed. Let's say it's 256_kbps. My internet provider says that the speed agrees with proportion 4:1 (my_country:abroad). Please help me to figure out my final speed in my country (in kbps) and abroad. There are many thoughts, but what is the most correct. Thanks...
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    "The internet speed" is 256 kpbs where? In Lithuania? Suppose then that the internet speed "abroad" is x. Then 256/x = 4/1, which gives x = 64 kbps.

    If "the internet speed" is 256 kpbs abroad, and the speed in Lithuania is y, then y/256 = 4/1, which gives y = 1024 kpbs.
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    It wouldn't be so complex if I knew your question.
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    You have a proportion of "my_country: abroad= 4:1" and assert that "it's 256_kbps". Okay what is IT? Is that the speed in "my_country" or is it the speed in "abroad". You CAN'T use a proportion like that to find BOTH!
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