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Too difficult of a semester?

  1. Sep 28, 2008 #1
    analytical physics 1
    chemistry 1
    biology 1
    calculus 1

    if anything else, maybe a psychology or something along those lines.

    but for a spring semester would this be too difficult?
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    Seems quite standard to me. Looks like the typical workload of a first-year bio student. Calc 1 should be a breeze if you've done well in maths at school. Ditto for physics. Can't comment on the others. Workload in bio and chem will be high, but it seems like a very standard selection of courses.
    P.S. don't bother with psychology unless you plan on going into medicine.
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    Why is it known as "analytical physics" ?
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    there is:

    general physics - for like a liberal arts track
    analytical physics - for the physics/math majors
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    It seems like it shouldn't be too 'difficult'. Depending on the # of labs you end up doing for those classes it may be a bit cumbersome and time consuming in that department though.
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    Seems pretty standard, just be sure to budget your time wisely and put in your hours studying. If it makes you feel better, I am taking:

    Calc III
    Physics w/Calc II
    Probability/Statistics for Engineers
    Vector Mechanics: Statics

    Which is pretty standard for a sophomore engineering student, I think.

    All in all, the classes are not hard, per se, I just spend a LOT of time studying/doing homework each week. I barely ever have free time. But, it is worth it to get As, as I am trying to transfer into a good university.
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