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Too late to switch from Civil to Mechanical?

  1. Jul 28, 2012 #1
    Alright so I am 22 years old and if all goes according to plan will graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering this upcoming May (I'd be 23). Recently I have been having second thoughts about my career choice though. Im currently interning at this cement contracting company and absolutely hate it (We pretty much do concrete floors, curbs at gutters etc.).

    I originally chose civil because I thought out of all the engineering disiplines it was the most "creative". I realize there is obviously more to civil than what I've done at my internship but I am seriously contemplating transfering to mechanical engineering which would make me 24 years old when I graduate. I never really had one thing in mind that interested me within civil, but thought along my way I would find my niche within the program.

    This evidently has not happened and I am at a cross roads right now. I feel like mechanical engineering would give me more oppourtunities in the future, including the option of getting back into a civil field if I choose to but don't know if this would be the best decision. I've always been someone who has been interested in how things work, but not one thing or field in particular (if that makes sense). Does anyone else feel this way, and if so what did you major in/currently majoring in?

    Grades are not an issue for me as my GPA has increased each of the last 3 semesters (all engineering courses. Some of these courses were actually ME courses too(Thermo and statics of materials)). I currently have a 3.2, but I feel like whatever decision I choose to make (Stay in civil, switch to mechanical) I will have regrets and second guess myself and my grades could take a hit as a result. Can anyone accurately compare the difficulty of upper level undergrad courses of Civil vs. Mechanical and has anyone been in a similar situation to this and can offer some guidance to me? My mind is just completely spinning on what to do and I am switching back and forth a mile a minute. I guess one thing that is holding me back is what everyone will think of me if I do switch. I have friends that are already getting jobs or going to grad school and that is an unsettling feeling.

    Also, If it makes any difference I am at a Top 10 university for both Civil and Mechanical
    engineering. Just need some opinions from all angles at this point so I might be able to think a bit more clearly. Maybe there is something I am not looking into enough? I feel like I could be happy with the right job in the civil engineering field but think I could find ME even more enjoyable but am really unsure at this point.
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