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Too many processes?

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    I just skimmed the list, but most of those look legit... though they may not be.

    Here's a library where you can search for known processes.

    The first thing i'd do is go to your start menu and select 'Run', then type in 'mconfig'. When it pops up click on the [Startup] tab and take a close look at the directory where each item is being loaded from. Most are fairly obvious. If you know beyond a shadow of doubt that it's a program you don't need, uncheck it. If you question it's need, post it on here and someone may know what it is.
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    mconfig? Which version of Windows? Is it standard, or something added? Just tried under XP and it didn't worked, but such a tool will come handy now and then.
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    How much RAM is in your system? 66 is quite a bit, at least for me.
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    Whups! I'm sorry, it's supposed to be 'msconfig'.
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    66 is insanely high. How long does your machine take to boot up & login?
    XP will run on just 17, but I typically have 35 or so running.
    Most of that is excess bloatware that is installed.

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