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Too many sub forums?

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    I know i'm the newbie here, so forgive me When I first came here I was overwhelmed by the number of forums.. there were tons, I didn't know where to start. Having so many spreads things out thin as well. Most subsections don't get posts for days at a time. Wouldn't it be better to combine a few things to increase the pace a bit?

    And don't worry mods/admins, i'm not always such a pain in the ass :wink:
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    Hi Deltabourne, welcome to the forums and feedback is always welcome
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    We switched to this format not too long ago (previously did not have all the subforums). A lot of people shared your concern, but there seems to be a growing acceptance of the subforums. Stick around and try it for a while. Physics Forums has reinvented itself more than once, so who knows what the future holds. Lately, we've been adding/deleting subforums based on their use/need in order to make it more user-friendly.
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