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Too much for one semester?

  1. Nov 9, 2011 #1
    All second year courses:

    Experimental Physics (Lab based with reports)
    Analog Electronics and Circuit Analysis (includes labs)
    Electricity and Magnetism
    Statistical and Thermal Physics
    Differential Equations
    Mathematical Modelling

    Anyone with experience with a similar course line up? I'm mainly worried about the electronics class, it really doesn't interest me but I understand it's helpful for experimental uses later?
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    Little concerned that you're taking stat-mech and E&M at the same time you're taking diff-eq...

    You should really be solid on your differential equations before taking those upper-level physics courses. Do you know what level those physics courses are being taught at? At my school, those are all 4000 level courses (6000 being graduate level courses), whereas differential equations is down in the 2000 level for the mathematics courses. You don't want to be taking physics courses where you don't have the mathematical tools in place already.
  4. Nov 9, 2011 #3
    Course load looks fine. It will obviously take work. Furthermore, I can't see the Analog course being exceptionally difficult, but again this is dependent on numerous factors...
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    Ok, well as long as you've seen some diffeq then you should be ok. But yea, that is going to be a lot of work.

    If you have to consider dropping a course, I'd probably drop the circuit class.
  7. Nov 9, 2011 #6
    Maybe if I give a more complete picture of my year, currently my papers are as follows:

    A Semester
    Quantum and Solid State Physics
    Relativity, Nuclear and Astrophysics
    Multivariable Calc
    Linear algebra

    B Semester
    Statistical and Thermal Physics
    Differential Equations
    Mathematical Modelling
    Experimental Physics
    Analog Electronics and Circuit Analysis
    Electricity and Magnetism

    From talking to lecturers it seems the Stat/Thermal class and the electricity and magnetism are the hardest. I'm thinking I will remove the electronics class from B semester and place a computational mathematics class in the A semester.

    The circuits class has description:
    "This paper covers design and analysis of analog electronic circuits. Topics include ac circuit analysis, nodal analysis, Lapace Transforms, BJT amplifier circuits and their equivalent circuits, frequency response. Feedback, output stages, oscillators, operational amplifiers and their limitations, active filters, using PSPICE"
    Textbook:Neamen Microelectronics, Circuit Analyses and Design 3rd ed (McGraw Hill) 2007

    I really did not enjoy my circuits class this year, (I enjoyed the electromagnetism part of my physics class though!) so I'm thinking this Analog Electronics and Circuit Analysis looks like overkill? Would it really be necessary?
  8. Nov 9, 2011 #7
    I'm assuming you're going for a Physics degree? It really depends what you're specializing in. For example, if you were interested in electronics, then I would advise taking it. However, if not, then I do not see the need for it.
  9. Nov 9, 2011 #8
    Physics major yes, the paper is an electronic engineering paper too. I'm only my second year so I can't really take an educated stab at where my future will take me, but biophysics and medical physics seem very interesting.
  10. Nov 9, 2011 #9
    Well, if you can take it in the future, then do so. It may help with instrumentation if you do decide to take that route.
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