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Too much math?

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    Do you think that taking Calculus II and Linear Algebra in the same semester is too much? Or should I be fine? How hard is Linear Algebra?

    EDIT: I can't take them the same semester I just found out, do you think it is wise to take LA in a short semester over the summer, like 4 weeks?
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    In my experience, Lin. Alg. was pretty easy... you can probably handle it with other courses, or it'd probably be great as a summer course.
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    Linear Algebra was one of the few math courses that didn't require me to make difficult leaps of logic, i.e. bashing my head against the wall until I went "Aha!" It was all mostly straight-forward.

    It's a very useful class, though.

    EDIT: In a short amount of time? I'm not sure. The material wasn't super challenging, but I remember there being a lot of it in my class. And linear algebra is way too important to gloss over if you want to do physics.
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    If you plan on going to grad school for mathematics make sure you spend the appropriate amount of time learning linear algebra the right way. You will be lost in a first course of Algebra without having the basics down.
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    How can two courses be too much to handle in one semester?
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    This fall i personally took: Calculus II, Linear Algebra( a first undergrad course) and Abstract Algebra (a first undergraduate course).

    I think you should be perfectly fine.
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    It would have been these two along with two others, over the point is moot now. As a physics major would I do myself a disservice to take LA over a short 4 week term?
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    In the semester that just finished, I took honours multivariable calc, honours linear algebra, and differential equations. I still can't say how well those turned out though since the results aren't out.

    Funny, for me, my linear algebra was by far the hardest of the three. I don't "get it" as much as the other two, plus my prof totally sucked. I fear for my mark in Linear Algebra.
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