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Too much water is bad

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    This just sounds like common sense to me drinking "when you're not thirsty, in a mechanical way" is clearly not healthy! Anything, if taken in excess, is bad for you.
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    Moderation in all things implies that you should be moderately moderate.. this demands an occasional excess.
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    But what is to much? How much does the average person drink? Anything beyond 2-3 liters per day is probably somewhat moronic.
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    It's even a problem if you are thirsty, a couple of marathon runners have died from drinking too much water after sweating so much they lost enough sodium.
    A couple of years ago there was a teenager in the UK that died after taking ecstacy - this was followed by a massive police/media campaign against the drug, before it turned out she died from drinking too much water!
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    I don't think one should put a number on how much water you should drink. Your body lets you know when you need water - it's called being thirsty.
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    Daniel Y: Today it's a very hot day. Running 7 km's in the hot sun and not drinking AT least some water before you start to run and at least one L when you get home is rather stupid. Because the body is probably to tired to send out "thirst"-signals or maybe you don't notice that you get more and more tired because you haven't drunk the water you lost while running. Forcing some water down after running a hot and sunny day is a good thing. :)

    Besides, Cristo is right on spot. To much of anything is bad.
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    I always heard "drink lots of water" so I never thought it would kill someone.

    I think majority of people don't know about "hyponatremia".
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    Some college kids will do the "gallon challenge" or even more water to get a high, but it has ended badly.
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    Actually, thirst is a pretty poor indicator of when to drink. If you become thirsty, you've already become dehydrated to some extent. If you're in a situation where you're likely to lose fluids more than normal (exercise, hot weather, exposure) you should drink before you get thirsty. You're far more likely to cause yourself harm by dehydration than from water intoxication. Drink lots of water by all means; just not all at once!
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    Yeah... My roommate last year was from Chicago and wasn't used to Tucson weather. One day he had to be taken to the hospital due to dehydration. He thought it was weird because he "drank some pepsi earlier in the day"... Uhhh...
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    I would never worry about it.

    Honestly, the only time it is a risk is if you're doing lots of cardiovascular exercise and you drink lots of water and forgot about sodium. Other than that, no worries. Seriously.
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    Drink Gatorade or juice instead of water when exercising and you'll be fine.
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