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Tools of the mind

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    The tools of the mind,

    Some time ago I was thinking and I realised I was thinking. This is no big deal you may suggest but I started on the line of thought about thinking.

    I came to a simplistic way of approaching the nature of our minds.

    I thought if we think of ourselves as a centre of nothing and that all functions or the mind are just abilities we inherited or learned, tools for us to use as such, it seemed to make sense.

    For instance the use of logic, reflection, deductive reasoning, lateral thinking, brain storming, imagination, language, motor co-ordination etc are all tools that we have gained some skill in. As we go through life we slowly and some times quite quickly learn more and more about these tools and gain greater skills.

    When we sleep and are unconscious we are in a state of nothing and not using any particular tool except our ability to sleep.

    When we wake up we immediately start using all our tools. We search for breakfast, (an ability to find something) we walk to the shower ( an articulation ability) we choose the temperature of the shower (our ability to choose and our ability to discern temperature) and so on and so on.

    So many of these tools are taken for granted and we think nothing of them.

    Some of the tools we use with out full awareness are self defeating.

    What tools do you think we have in use that are self defeating?
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    I don't see how this reveals anything about the nature of the mind.
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