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Tooth Eruption Theories

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    I am looking for some information on Tooth Eruption Theories.

    Thank you all. :)
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    This is interesting.. What prompted this question?
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    Now that you have broken ground.

    I would like to say Medical Science needs to study Stem Cell injection for growing new sets of teeth.

    Look out Mr.Denist
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    aha OK

    ...Thread is closed! :D
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    There are people who don't grow their second set of teeth, medical science is studying them in order to find out what genes are involved; possibly uncovering a regulatory handle for future treatments.

    I don't think the stem cell theory proposed above will do any good.
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    My older daughter (the mutant) had a third set of teeth, which was removed. We found out when another tooth started pushing out one of her permanent teeth. X-rays showed an entire new set coming in. She has one third tooth in place of that second tooth, it's perfectly normal. :bugeye: We had the rest of the third set surgically removed before they tried to come in.

    I told her she was a shark. :biggrin: (I'm a bad mother :frown: )
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    Through all the liturature out there on Stem Cells, I keep hearing that all varieties of Stem Cell types as a whole can regrow any part of the body.
    Is this something that's hyped by the media?
    There would seem to have to be some master cell that triggers teeth growth, I would assume since all other parts of the body require these types of Master Cells.:smile:
    I guess I should of directed this Question to a Geneticist, Sorry.
    Oh, My wife had-had 4 sets of teeth growing up, Her last set is already permenant, I guess that's what mostly triggered my question.:rofl:
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    This http://www.uic.edu/classes/osci/osci590/9_1Mechanisms.htm discusses several theories of tooth eruption.
    1. Vascular pressure and blood vessel thrust
    2. Pulpal pressure and pulpal growth.
    3. Traction by periodontal fibroblasts.
    4. Root elongation.
    5. Alveolar bone remodeling.
    6. Periodontal ligament formation.
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