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Toothbrush hygiene helper

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    Looks like a $20 plastic cup to me! :uhh:
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    So it has vents. . . That let the air in which supposedly makes them less hygienic?
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    A $20 plastic cup? Genius!
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    I think it should at least come with a serving of bubble tea in it!
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    In my house, we don't store toothbrushes in the same container. I would think by everyone prying the top of the container off, you would need to wash it often, more so when the Grandkids are here.
    So for me it would be a big no, for the toothbrush cup.
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    My wife bought a similar product (though for a dollar or so) and we pitched it pretty quickly. Toothbrushes come with oddly-shaped handles, some fatter than others, and they always seemed to splay out wider than the cap, so it was a pain to use.
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    Even regular open toothbrush holders never fit the toothbrushes I use. Mine just sits on the shelf inside my medicine cabinet rather than out on the counter anyway. If you want a plastic cup with a vented, domed lid, just save the one you get with a frappuccino at Starbucks (even then, it's still going to be overpriced).

    I don't even like trying to use those plastic travel cases for toothbrushes. The inside can get pretty icky pretty quickly from the brush touching the inside of it. Actually, so does the shelf of my medicine cabinet where I keep my toothbrush...but that's much easier to wipe down with a little bleach solution every so often.
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