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Top 10 Emerging Diseases

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    Hi, I'm trying to find the top 10 emerging diseases in the US and the top 10 worldwide. I've found lists of many diseases, including AIDS, SARS, etc., but I haven't been able to isolate the top 10 for either category.

    Does anybody know a site that provides a definite list for each category?

    All help is appreciated. Thank you.
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    AIDS is by no means an emerging disease
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    Why isn't it? The definition in my microbiology book is a disease 1) that has been recently identified, 2) that is reemerging and becoming more common, or 3) that is changing and becoming resistant to drugs.

    Am I misunderstanding the definition?
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    Well im not very knowledgeable on this subject but as far as that definition goes... i can offer this.

    What is "recently" defined as. AIDS has been known for 5+ decades at the least. I also don't think "re-emerging" fits because I dont think it has ever "died down" for any amount of time and I don't think it is becoming resistant to drugs (hell its always been resistant to drugs for the most part i think).
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    You made a good point. AIDS has been known for a long time. I have a brand new textbook (recently published), and it states this: "SARS, AIDS, hepatitis C, and viral encepalitis are examples of recently identified diseases that cause sever mortality and morbidity and are currently on the rise." Thus, they are emerging.

    My guess then is that it is resistant to drugs (or, like you said, has always been).
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    "The official date for the beginning of the AIDS epidemic is marked as June 18, 1981.... In 1982, the CDC introduced the term AIDS to describe the newly recognized syndrome."

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    What are those stupid demonstrations that i swear were from the 60's that were "protesting AIDS"???? The video quality looked like the 60's... the people looked like hippies.... whats going on here! :D
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    If AIDs was around in the 60's the love generation would not have happened.It was the 70's that places like Fire Island NY first saw people becomeing ill, but they didn't know why.
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    Although they traced the onset of the disease back to the 50's, the epidemic took off in the 70's and was medically identified in the 80's. That is when the connection to retroviruses was discovered.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    [sidebar] Hawking might argue that computer viruses should be included in the list. :biggrin:[/sidebar]
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    chronic active hepatits c, http://www.txtwriter.com/Onscience/Articles/hepatitisC.html [Broken]


    It will make the AIDS epidemic look paltry by numbers in the near future

    Another emerging disease that I can think of is NASH (non alcoholic steatohepatitis) of which 10% will progress to cirrosis. Also a burgeoning disease thanks to the obesity epidemic.
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