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Top 10 Websites

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    The top ten most visited websites as of right now, according to alexa.com are

    1. Yahoo!
    www.yahoo.com - People still go there?

    2. Microsoft Network (MSN)
    www.msn.com - Booo!

    3. Google
    www.google.com - I really can't believe this is not number one. I must use it a hundred times a day.

    4. Passport.net
    www.passport.net[/URL] - I guess people associated with that evil corporation use this a lot.

    5. EBay
    [PLAIN]www.ebay.com[/URL] - Yeah, we all know this should be number 4.

    6. Microsoft Corporation
    [PLAIN]www.microsoft.com[/URL] - I can't believe people actually visit their website? I guess if you love Windows OS you would... I don't know anybody who visits that website monthly.

    7. Amazon.com

    8. Myspace.com
    [url]www.myspace.com[/url] - I hear its a drug. Somehow teenage losers spend hours of their life everyday on this site. Desperately looking to socialize in yet another way.

    9. Google UK
    [url]www.google.co.uk[/url] - I think it should be much lower. In the UK doesn't "google.com" get you to google.com? I guess they use google enough for it to be number 9.

    10. AOL
    [url]www.aol.com[/url] - AOL is in tenth because anyone who uses AOL, has this as the homepage. Its unturnoffable.
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