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Top 100 MLB players of the decade

  1. Dec 17, 2009 #1
    No surprise at who is #1 but there are soming interesting people on the list and some players who should be ranked higher or lower. For one, Torii Hunter at #70, no Billy Wagner, and Adam Dunn (perenial strikeout king) on the list.


    1 Albert Pujols

    It's not easy to choose between the top two, but by all accounts Pujols is a model ballplayer and model teammate. Plus, his numbers are as good as A-Rod's even though he's played one fewer season.

    2 Alex Rodriguez

    If he'd stayed at shortstop, he would be No. 1. If he'd been healthier this year or if the Yankees had won another World Series or two, he would be No. 1. On this list, though? No. 2 isn't a bad place to be.

    3 Barry Bonds

    Yes, he ranks third despite not having played in 2008 or '09. Deal with it. (And if this helps, Bonds was, for five years, probably the most feared hitter in the history of the game.)

    4 Derek Jeter

    How much credit do we give to the postseason and intangibles? Not a lot, but Jeter has played shortstop throughout the decade and racked up nearly 2,000 hits.

    5 Ichiro Suzuki

    Has it really been nine years? Because Ichiro seems to play and look exactly like he did when he arrived in Seattle nine years ago. Only major leaguer with more than 2,000 hits in the decade.
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